Development tools 

We recommend that all of your development tools are installed, up-to-date, and properly configured in advance of the virtual competition dates.

Bitcoin Association recommends the following resources for use during the Bitcoin SV Hackathon:


GoLang Library for creating Bitcoin Transactions:


Build Complex Bitcoin Transactions using JS:


Libraries to facilitate development and testing of ElectrumSV and applications based on it:


Electrum v0.0.23

Details can be found in the draft article:

From there you can access the download:

And documentation with instructions on use:


SPV v1.1.0

SPV Channels CE version 1.1.0: 

SPV Channels CE Android SDK version 1.1.0: 

SPV Channels CE iOS SDK version 1.1.0: 


BSV Node v1.0.8: 


mAPI v1.3.0:


We also advise that you read (or re-read) the original Bitcoin white paper.